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Wednesday 14th of October 2015
      Welcome by the Organizing committee in the presence of the National Authorities Consul de France, HUST representatives and BioLake representatives.
1. Cancer & Environment
      Dr. Corrine Prevostel, Monptellier, France : 

            Pesticide in our diet, what impact on our gut?
      Dr. Michel Crepin, Paris, France : 
            Primary cancer prevention balancing nutrition and physical exercise
      Dr. Pierre Busson, Villejuif, France :
            EBV-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma as a model in the field of infectious agents and cancer
      Dr. Michèle Sabbah, Paris, France : 
            Breast cancer and microenvironment
      Two Speakers selected from the participants
Networking reception including all the speakers and participants
Thrusday 15th of October 2015
2. Cancer & Metabolism
      Dr. Catherine Brenner, Chatenay, France : 
            Cancer Cell Mitochondria: metabolic dysfonction and opportunities for drug discovery
      Dr. Lionel Larue, Orsay, France : 
            Melanoma, stress and metabolism
      Dr. Alain Puisieux, Lyon, France : 
            EMT and Cancer Cell Plasticity
      Dr. Anne-Hélène Monsoro-Burq, Paris, France : 
            Metabolism, cell fate and cell migration in embryos and cancer
      Dr. Jianfeng Liu, HUST, China
      Dr. Gregoire Prevost, Antony, France 
      Two Speakers selected from the participants
Two-hours visit of the Sino-French BioPole located in BioLake – 15’ from HUST, Wuhan.
Friday 16th of October 2015
3. Protection and valorization in Oncology
      Willy Mathot, Paris, France : 
            Legal tools to best commercialise your innovation
      Alan Feeney, Providence, USA : 
            The U.S. Patent Prosecution Highway Leads to China and the Rest of the World
4. Personalized medicine & Clinical trials
      Dr Olivier Tredan, Lyon, France : 
            Personalized medicine for metastatic breast cancer patients
      Dr Gérard Bastian, New-Orleans, USA : 
            Posology adaptation in Onco-chemotherapy and Drug-Drug interactions
      Dr  Fabrice Beauchene, Wuhan, China : 
            Usage of biocaptors and real time data collection tools to follow patients in clinical trials
      Dr Sylvie Kahn, Wuhan, China :  
            Business Case : circulating tumor cells, design a clinical study to try to prove the benefit for breast cancer patients
      Two Speakers selected from the participants
Closing Ceremony
Saturday 17th of October 2015
Wuhan city tour