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2014 Sino-French School of Oncology

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 Welcome to Joint Course of the Sino-French School of Oncology & the Sino-European Immunocan Consortium & Institut CURIE





Despite our knowledge of cancer continues to grow, the incidence of cancer is increasing moreover the number of cancer diagnoses is expected to increase sharply over the coming years as the population ages.

Cancer research is a complex process that requires collecting, analyzing and discussing information in order to improve our knowledge and understanding of cancer. Research has shown that cancer is a very complex disease, but researchers are closer than ever before to fully understanding many types of cancer. As our knowledge of cancer continues to grow, there will be even greater progress in cancer treatment.

After the great success and the positive feedbacks received from both participants and speakers during the 1st Sino-French School of Oncology we realize the importance of this series of seminars for young professionals willing to enlarge their knowledge in the cancer domain

The upcoming 2nd Sino-French School of Oncology will address cutting edge Immunology and GPCR research topics in Cancer, lectured by international key opinion leaders in these domains. In addition we are pleased to announce the collaboration with the IMMUNOCAN consortium and the Institut Curie.

IMMUNOCAN consortium is an international cooperation program hosting European institutions in the joint Institute Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center-Institut Mérieux laboratory coordinated by Transgene

The Institut Curie is a foundation of public interest, which combines one of the largest European oncology research center and two state-of-the-art hospitals. Founded in 1909 on a model devised by Marie Curie and still at the cutting edge: "from fundamental research to innovative treatments", the Institut Curie has 3,000 researchers, physicians, clinicians, technicians and administrative staff.

Under a 3 day format this course is based on a series of lectures (90 minutes each) in which all the major aspects are covered to present their own works during the poster sessions where 6 posters will be selected for an oral presentation. The School is open to attendees from all around the world and will favor the discussions between all the participants -attendees and the speakers in order to facilitate further connections and scientific or medical collaborations.

We hope 2nd Sino-French School of Oncology will continue contributing to strengthen the relations between China and France during 2014 which celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

Finally thanks to the strong commitment of the lecturers, the French and Chinese authorities and the generous sponsors, we are very proud to propose this second course with a low rate of inscription fees allowing young professionals to actively participate. In addition, our official carrier AIR FRANCE provides a discount code allowing each attendee to reach Wuhan from the rest of the World at a very competitive price. Hoping to meet all of you in Wuhan, for sharing our common wish to defeat cancer disease as soon as possible.


     Grégoire Prévost    CIPREVO CEO

      Jianfeng Liu       Huazhong University of Science and Technology

      Lionel Larue    Institut Curie, France

Submit an abstract

The attendees have the opportunity to present their own activities during the poster session. In addition, 6 posters will be selected by the organizing committee for an oral presentation (20 minutes). Individuals interested in submitting an abstract must do so by email to by 15th of September 2014 deadline. The combined length of the abstract title, list of authors, and body text should not exceed 4,000 characters.  Abstracts should be carefully reviewed prior to submission for content errors, spelling, names, etc. The School does not proofread for or correct spelling, typographical, grammatical or scientific errors, nor can changes be made once an abstract has been submitted. Notifications of abstract receipt will be sent to the abstract submitter indicating the mode of presentation (poster or oral).


2014.10.15 Wednesday


Welcome by  National Authorities  & Organizing committee

Consulde France, BioLake representatives, et al.


Cellular Immune Responses  

Roland Jacobs,

Hannover Medical School, Germany


Targeting host immune response to identify prognostic and predictive

 biomarkers in Chinese  breast and colorectal cancer patients

Romain Gineste ,Transgene, China


Lunch on site


HER2-targeted therapy and immune system 

Rosaria Orlandi ,

Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan ,Italy


Complement-targeted therapeutics 

Weiguo Hu 

Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Shanghai, China


Coffee break


Seeing is Believing: Molecular Image-guided Cancer Therapy

Liu Z, Prof Fan Wang,

Bejing University, Beijing,China


Immunotherapy of cancer and influence of hypoxic stress on anti-tumor response 

Salem Chouaib,

Institut Gustave Roussy, Inserm, France


Wine Testing / Welcome Diner

2014.10.16 Thursady


Modified Vaccinia virus Ankara-based antigen-specific immunotherapy: present and future developments

Xavier Preville,Transgene, France


Antibody-Drug Conjugates, New Available Weapons In Cancer Therapy

Charlotte Beau-Larvor,

Institut de Recherche Pierre Fabre,France


Coffee break


Carbohydrates in cancer – and biomarker glyco-profiling at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Hospital

Nicolai Maolanon 

Postdoc,PhD,University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Lunch on site


Presentation of the sponsors

Matwin, Oncomedics, Ariana, Excilone, Genomica, BioCreater, CIPREVO, ….


Wnt signaling

Prof Xi He,

Children's Hospital,Harvard Medical School,Boston, US


Coffee break


Antigen presentation, Dendritic cells and Cancer 

Dr Elodie Segura,

PhD,postdoc,Institut Curie,Paris, France


Short lectures

Molecular mechanisms of interaction between human NK cell and slanDCs 

Dr Dejene Tufa

University of Copenhague, Denmark 

Identification of a new therapeutic target in prostate cancer from siRNA 

screening in Docetaxel-resistant cells

Marine Garrido,

 Institut Gusatve Roussy, France

Nerve system modulates tumor development and metastasis 

Dr Yifeng LEI, 

Beijing  P.R. China - 

Soluble adenylyl cyclase regulates cardiac mitochondrial 

membrane permeabilization

Dr Zhenyu Wang- 

Université Paris-Sud, France



2014.10.17  Friday


Metabotropic glutamate receptors and cancer: when sensing glutamate

 becomes a bad feature

Dr JP Pin

Inserm ,Montpellier, France


Cell-cell adhesion and GPCR

Dr Lionel Larue

Institut Curie, Section de Recherche, Orsay, France


Coffee break


Professor JF Liu

HUST, Wuhan, China




Signaling Crosstalks and Interferences between the TGF-β and Hippo Pathways. Influence of GPCRs

Dr Alain Mauviel

Institut Curie, Orsay France


Inhibitors of heterotrimeric G-proteins

Dr Grégoire Prévost

CIPREVO, Antony France


Coffee break


Pesticides and cancers: What role for prion protein?

Dr Veronique Perrier

Montpellier, France



Closing Ceremony

Official carrier



The official carrier is Air France-KLM:  Travel with  our official carrier and get discount on your airplane ticket using the conference code 22751AF or using with the link:,









Individuals wishing to attend the course can register by emailing to indicating his name, his degree, and his contact details. Registrations will be confirmed following the full registration fee payment. Places at the conference are on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the date of registration. Attendee registration (Standard package) includes admission to all scientific sessions, poster sessions, the networking reception on Wednesday 16th of October. All payments must be in Euro or Chinese currencies. Payment address will be notified according to your country. An official letter of invitation is available by emailing


Registration fees and Housing

Please note the two options for registering below:

·   STANDARD which does not include housing

·   PREMIUM which includes housing at the Huanzong University and travel to the meeting place.

STANDARD PACKAGE  (Does not include the housing)


Attendees from China

Attendees from out of China


2000 RMB

300 Euros


1500 RMB

150 Euros

Pre-/Postdoctoral Student

1000 RMB

100 Euros

PREMIUM PACKAGE  (include the housing)


Attendees from China

Attendees from out of China


3000 RMB

400 Euros


2500 RMB

250 Euros

Pre-/Postdoctoral Student

2000 RMB

200 Euros

    all the supporting and registration fee directly into the same account as below:

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