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Etienne-Emile Baulieu visit Biolake

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November 30th 2012, Li Feng , the chief engineer of Biolake arranged Etienne-Emile Baulieu visiting Biolake.

Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu is a famous expert in endocrinology and pharmacology, he is not only the former chairman of French Academy of Sciences , but also a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Dr. Baulieu had devoted himself to uncover the mysteries of reproduction and aging ,and helped human being fight against cancers and the nervous system diseases. What should be mentioned here, he is the inventor of RU486, mifepristone, anti-progesterone.

The Etienne - Emile Baulieu Academician entourage first visited the Exhibition Center of the Biological Innovation Park and the Biopolesino-francais. Li Feng introduced the construction and development of the East Lake High-tech Zone and the Biolake, highlighting the Biolake cooperation with the French biotechnology parks and the enterprises , and inviting the Etienne - Emile Baulieu Academician as the Honorary Chairman of the Biopolesino-francais .

After the introduction ,the Etienne - Emile Baulieu Academician gave high degree of certainty onthe construction planning and the speed of development of the Biolake , and highly appreciated the Biolake made to promote Sino-French enterprises and individuals in the economic and scientific exchanges. Immediately said ,he was very honored to have been invited to serve as the Honorary Chairman of the Biopolesino-francais, And willing to play a positive role in promoting academic and economic exchanges between China and France. After listening to the Professor Jianfeng Liu, the director of the Biopolesino-francais on the details of the Biopolesino-francais, The Etienne - Emile Baulieu Academician further expressed affirmation of the hardware and software facilities of the park, and willingness for further cooperation in neural-like illness and neurodegenerative disease areas.Thetwo sides exchanged in-depth in the framework of the content of the neurological disease drug development cooperation projects and reached a preliminary cooperation intention.