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Academician of the French science academy Joel Bockaert visit biopole

poster:中法生物中心 Time:2012-12-25 count:

 November 15th 2012, Joel Bockaert  visited Biopole sino-francais accompanied by  Liu Jiangfeng ,Director of Biopole.

Joel Bockaert is a famous scientist, With the international authority of the GPCR research field. He has published more than 470 papers in top journals ,such as Nature、PNAS、J Neurosci、EMBO J and so on.Dr.Joel Bockaert has engaged as Honorary Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in the same year,he has inaugurated and become  the Honorary Chairman of the Sino-French joint drug screening and research  Center Lab  in 2005.

This visit aims to promote the scientific exchange. Dr.Joel Bockaert have a better understanding of Biopole as well as Biolake. He gave high degree of certainty on the construction planning and the development of the biopole.Based on it,we discuss about the possibility of cooperation.