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The Geneva State Government delegation visited Biopole Sino-Francais

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May 16th,2012,RuiboGe , the Deputy Director of the Economic Development Department of the Government of the State of Geneva , Mr.Nahas ,the Chief executive officer of Swiss Biological Information Research Center , Mr.Christophe , the CEO of the ECLOSION company , and Mr. Giro , the Chief Scientific Officer of the Selexis Biological Co.Ltd , visited Biolake and investigated Biopole Sino-Francais .

The State of Geneva is located in the western Switzerland ,and is the famous neighborhoods of the biotechnology industry in Europe.There are more than 300 local and multinational companies ,especially the biomedical industry , such as the headquarter of Merck , Nestle Johnson & Johnson , Roche and so on. In addition to a collection of famous research institutes and biotechnology incubators, Geneva became a leader in European biotechnology researc .

In 2010, Biolake with the Geneva State government signed a memorandum of cooperation to expand the cooperation between two sides in biomedical industry. In 2011, HongzhongL , the Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee , with Hubei Provincial Government delegation visited the State of Geneva and determined the biological and pharmaceutical as the priority areas of the cooperation between the two sides . In addition, the Biolake also signed the comprehensive cooperation agreement with the ECLOSION company , which is the largest local biological incubator .

This visiting is specifically for the bio-industry cooperation and deepen mutual understanding. The delegation expressed its high appreciation of the investment environment and developmentplanning , and hoped to promote the bio-related industries as soon as possible .