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French culture

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France has a rich and diverse culture known for its richness in art, architecture, music, language, cuisine, and of course fashion. France had been an important cultural center of the world for many centuries, with Paris being the cultural hub. Even today, France contributes greatly to the fashion culture of the world.
France has produced many world-renowned painters, artists, authors, and musicians for thousands of years. During the medieval era, France emerged as an epicentre of art and architecture throughout the world. France is home to thousands of museums with incredible collections of art and artefacts.
France is world famous for its fantastic variety of cuisines and wines, but is also notorious for its varieties of wines and cheeses that form an integral part of French cuisine. French people take pride in the cuisine and cooking styles of their country.
France is also illustrious for its music, theatre. France has long been considered a significant influence to European art and music. The music contains varieties of native folk music and styles brought by immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

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