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French research

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France has been since the Middle Ages a major focus of knowledge and discoveries. Nowadays France has become one of the top countries in research and development (R&D) spending. This important investment, linked to the high quality of French scientist has made French research institutions be recognized as global elite entities.

The French National Centre for Scientific Research is a world-renowned organism for both the conducting and funding of research, sporting more than a thousand research units spread throughout the country and the world and eight international offices overseeing the implementation of more than 80 agreements with foreign counterparts from every continent.

the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) was founded in 1964 is the only French public research institute focus entirely on human health. Inserm is a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministry of Health and French Ministry of Research. In 2008 Inserm took on the responsibility for the strategic, scientific and operational coordination of biomedical research. This key role as coordinator comes naturally to Inserm thanks to the scientific quality of its teams and its ability to conduct translational research.

The Pasteur Institute is a French non-profit private foundation dedicated to the study of biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines. It is named after Louis Pasteur, who made some of the greatest breakthroughs in modern medicine at the time.For over a century, the Institute Pasteur has been at the forefront of the battle against infectious disease. Since 1908, eight Pasteur Institute scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology, and the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was shared with two Pasteur scientists.